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Fly Fishing at Resica Falls Scout Reservation

The Bushkill Creek at Resica Falls is one of the leading fly fishing areas on the East Coast of the United States. Cradle of Liberty Council, BSA offers anglers the opportunity to fish on a six-mile stretch of the Bushkill Creek. NOTE: No fishing within 200 yards above and below the actual Falls is permitted.

A PA State fishing license is required, and all state and local regulations must be followed when fishing on reservation property. In order to ensure the long-term viability of fly fishing on the Bushkill, we request a donation of $30 for your experience at Resica Falls. In addition, Resica Falls operates a trout hatchery, raising fingerlings supplied by the PA Fish and Boat Commission each June to be stocked in the creek the following April. Individual sponsorships of $40 will help to keep the nursery program, and—through it—fly fishing on the Buskill, possible in the long-term. Contact Ranger Nick McKee for more information about sponsorships.

Important Notes:

  • Resica Falls Fishing Permit is valid from January 1 to December 31 of the current year.
  • PA State Fishing License is also required.
  • Valid only for 6 miles of the Bushkill Creek located on Resica Falls Scout Reservation.
  • Permit not valid on non-regulated water adjacent to main Falls area. Consult PA Fishing Regulations for specifications.

Hunting at Resica Falls & Musser Scout Reservations

Resica Falls offers a growing hunting program as part of our conservation efforts. Interested hunters provide service to the camp, as well as a hunting permit fee, with access to hunt on the property during select seasons. A PA State Game license is also required. For seasons, pricing, and more information, contact Resica Falls –

Musser Scout Reservation –

The council staff will be working remotely and, as always, you can reach out the to

Please stay safe!

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