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The Cradle of Liberty Council is proud to offer summer and year-round camping opportunities for Scouting units and individuals that are safe, affordable and fun!

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The BSA Annual Health and Medical Record, or AHMR (often known as the “medical form” or “annual physical”), is designed to help ensure that all participants in the Scouting program are healthy enough for the adventure of Scouting. It is not intended to limit participation but to inform and protect.

Parts A and B should be completed for all participants and Scouting leaders. Part C should be completed by a licensed health care provider (M.D., D.O., N.P., or P.A.) before the participant attends any Scouting event that is longer than 72 hours, such as a summer camp, trek, or multiday excursion.

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Camperships are available for youth registered in the Cradle of Liberty Council. The amount of the campership is dependent on the need of the Scout and available dollars at the time of determination. The amount of the campership may not exceed 50% of the total cost to attend the program (with the exception of Philmont). Campership applications for summer camp programs must be summited by April 1.

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Refund Requests

We offer refunds for extenuating circumstances surrounding your participation in our summer camp programs.

Remember to provide any supporting documentation, such as a doctors note.

Please see the Rentals page for information regarding cancellations for weekend reservations.

Looking for a Summer of Adventure? Work on Camp Staff!

Working on a camp staff is a fun way to spend your summer, and it gives you the opportunity to make a difference in the life of each and every Scout who comes to camp. While being a counselor can be a demanding job, the rewards are endless as you forge memories that will last a lifetime.

Approved Cub Scout Camping Locations

Cub Scout camping is an excellent activity for all Cub Scout packs. It is an essential component of delivering the promise of Scouting to your members. Cub camping is to be introductory in nature to all Cub Scouting participants. To achieve this goal, camping should occur a relatively short distance from each pack’s meeting place at a location that is familiar to the leaders of the campout and takes into account the skill level of all

The Guide to Safe Scouting limits Cub Scout camping to council designated locations. To meet this need, the Cradle of Liberty Council Camping Committee has approved the following sites for Cub Scouts to camp:

  • BSA Council-owned camps and programs
  • State and County Parks located within the Delaware Valley
  • Overnight stays at established museums and sport facilities that are designated program partners and organizations that advertise though our program calendar. These include: the Battleship New Jersey, Camden Aquarium, Franklin Institute, Reading Phillies, Beach Jam, etc.

Additionally, the following facilities have been reviewed and approved by our Camping Committee as acceptable for Cub Scout pack camping:

  • Troop 108 Campground in East Greenville
  • Alverthorpe Park, Abington Township Park

If you are planning to have your pack camp at a facility that is not described or listed, review this site appraisal form and contact the camping committee to submit your request for the additional site to be approved.

Approvals are based on general requirements and do not represent an endorsement to utilize that facility. Facilities described and listed are generally acceptable for pack camping but each unit needs to review the
facility in light of the needs and skill levels of your pack’s participants.

The council staff will be working remotely and, as always, you can reach out the to

Please stay safe!

Due to inclement weather, the Firestone Scouting Resource Center and Valley Forge Scout Shop will be closed on Tuesday, February 13, 2024.