World Jamboree

World Scout Jamboree

The theme for the 24th World Scout Jamboree is Unlock a New World and was developed by the youth bid team, also known as the Dream Team. This theme speaks to the new adventures, cultures, and friendships that will be shared by Scouts from around the world during the 12-day event in North America, a content often referenced as a “New World.”


As Scouts from around the world embark on their adventure to North America, they may encounter obstacles that seem to be locked with no solution. However, during their time at the Summit Bechtel Reserve, Scouts will seek answers and solutions to international questions and problems. Together, they will search for ways to unlock a new world, even if it means forging their own keys.

Discovery of the New World will be met with open arms as Scouts step out of their comfort zones and into the mixing bowl that is North American culture. Guests will leave with a wider view of the world, a deeper understanding of North America, and a renewed commitment to Scouting as a whole. When Scouts join together to Unlock a New World, they give themselves the chance to start over as members of the global community and to work together for mutual gains that improve everyone’s situation.
As you prepare to attend the jamboree, we invite you to learn more about the National Scout Organization Contingents of the 24th World Scout Jamboree.


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Registration is NOW OPEN.

Costs – 

$2,500 contingent

$1,800 staff

$250 to register

$100 discount subtracted from final payment if all payments on time.


For more information or questions, please email – Stephen Perrone