Powder Horn

The Powder Horn course is designed to help the troop or crew by exposing older Scouts BSA, Venturers, and adult leaders to safely conducted outdoor/high-adventure activities of a fun and challenging nature. The course provides an introduction to the resources needed to successfully lead youth through a program of outdoor adventure and is based upon giving participants an exposure to some outdoor/high-adventure activities. The course presenters are expert consultants, from inside and outside of Scouting, in each outdoor high adventure activity. It is not a certification event. It is for any youth or adult interested in experiencing a unit-level, high-adventure program.

The purpose of a Powder Horn course includes:

  •  Safe participation in fun and challenging outdoor activities.
  •  An introduction to resources, including expert local consultants, that can improve a unit’s program.
  •  Exposure to new and exciting high-adventure activities.
  •  Help in delivering the promise at the unit level.
  •  Promoting youths’ and adults’ creativity when delivering high-adventure programs.


  • Scouts BSA, Venturing and Sea Scout Leaders  &  Any youth program participant 14 years of age or older.
  • All participants must have these current training. These pieces of training are all available online at my.scouting.org
    • Venturing Youth Protection
    • Hazardous Weather
    • Safety Afloat
    • Safe Swim Defense
    • Climb on Safety
  • Youth participants need to have leadership training appropriate for their registered unit.   (ILST, ILSC…)
  • All participants will be required to have parts AB&C of the Medical Form.

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