Ordeal Candidates

Ordeal Candidates


OA Ordeal Candidate(newly elected and want to take your Ordeal)


Not yet a member of the OA, just elected, taking your Ordeal. When registering for the event, log in or create one. Fill in the requested information and then go to the Event form. Continue to fill out the requested information and then under registration type choose Elected Ordeal Candidate. Once you complete this information you will be charged $40 for your Ordeal and will register you to take your Ordeal at this event.



When does the Ordeal start and end?

If you are taking your ordeal on a service weekend please be at camp between 6-7:30pm and you can be picked up on Sunday morning after 11am. If you are taking your Ordeal during the summer at Resica and are camping with your troop please follow the instructions from the OA honorsmaster in camp. If you are taking your Ordeal at Rescia during the summer without your troop, in the provisional Ordeal, please be at camp on Wednesday evening between 6pm and 8pm, please go to the camp office, Unami Lodge, to check in. You can be picked up on Thursday evening after 10pm at the camp office.


For more information on what to bring and other questions about your Ordeal visit:  http://unamilodge.org/ordeal-candidate