Musser Scout Reservation


Musser Scout Reservation is located along the Unami Creek on over 1,400 acres of Marlborough Township, Pennsylvania. It is part of the largest contiguous forest in Southeastern Pennsylvania. It now includes Camp Hart, Camp Delmont and Camp Garrison.

Cradle of Liberty Council, Natural Lands Trust, Montgomery County Lands Trust and Montgomery County signed a conservation easement permanently protecting over 1,200 acres of the Musser Scout Reservation. The easement is a perpetual, legally binding agreement to remove certain rights from the property owner. The effect of conservation easements is to provide permanent protection from future development while leaving the land in private ownership.

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Camp Addresses At Musser Scout Reservation

Camp Delmont Camp Hart Camp Garrison
5505 Upper Ridge Road 1125 Camp Road 4021 Upper Ridge Road
Pennsburg, PA 18073 Pennsburg, PA 18073 Pennsburg, PA 18073
 (215) 679-2236
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Camp Delmont Topographic Map Camp Hart Topographic  Map Camp Garrison Topographic Map